I Scream Cones

A tribute to the era of the Bullet Bra

I have saved the newspaper cutting on the left for years, I simply love the caption "I scream cones." The comment is quite heart-felt, and by today's standards, these high-waisted girdles and heavily structured and pointed brassieres would be called corsets by a generation unused to such devices.

The doyenne of the bullet bra was undoubtedly Jane Russell. Discovered by Howard Hughes in 1941, he inflicted one of his many engineering failures upon this lady in the form of an under-wired brassiere to enhance her already voluptuous features. It was so uncomfortable that she chose to wear her own bra in the film 'Outlaw' with some judicious padding.

Comments from Bob Hope and Howard Hughes helped launched a generation of pneumatic bosoms that would last until the mid-1960's. Miss Russell was, however, a very sensible women who, like many before her, had heeded her mother's advice on the importance of foundation garments. When asked in her 60's, to what did she owe her enviable shape, she simply gazed at the reporter and breathed the word



Of course, one could have the same effect in long-line. Even mothers might like to achieve the bullet bosom!