Spencer Advertisements

In the 1920's, Spencer's adverts concentrated more on fashion. You could get your corset to compress your hips into the boyish 'flapper' style, or to compress your waist into a more feminine shape.

A problem more associated with America rather than Britain was keeping cool in your corsets and Spencer marketed a (rather unlovely) mesh fabric for the 'Miami Matron'. Notice how the word 'bulge' makes an appearance.

Notice also, the invention of the fictitious 'Anne Spencer', corsetry expert and presumably something to do with the company.

By the 1930's, there was definitely something wrong with you that only Spencer could cure. Even your children noticed your slumping posture and it was good to get the next generation ready to leap into their foundation garments.

Bulges became the bogey word. It must have been successful marketing because Spencer ran these adverts for decades.

To bulge, it seemed, was a worse offence than slumping or sagging.

If your dreaded bulges didn't convince you, Spencer was only too keen to produce some impressively nasty ailments to convince you to wear their products. Many women of this generation would have witnessed some of their youthful peers forced into steel and leather braces to correct spinal curvature. If wearing a stylish satin or brocade corset could prevent a year encased in scaffolding then that was a far preferable option.

By the 1960's, the advertisements were sadly, mere shadows of their former glory.