America in the 1950's


There is something so evocative about America in the 1950's. The world was starting to recover from the depredations of the Second World War whilst enjoying the consequences of newly developed technology. Mass production and new materials opened up a world of new corsetry and, in that halcyon, even innocent decade before the liberated 60's, women wanted to look like their Hollywood idols and the foundation garment industry was there to help.

From America in the 1950's, we have some detailed information about Mrs Serena Scott Cowan and her corset shop at Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. This is what we really like in a corset shop. Rows and rows of boxes. Plenty of different sizes, styles, makes and materials. If one visited Miss Serena's emporium, you would leave as a different woman.

It is strikingly apparent that Miss Serena has used her expertise in corsetry on herself. What an example to her clientele!