Court Royal

Images from the Court Royal Catalogue of 1960

The artwork is rather interesting. All the foundation garments, and they do have a large selection, are drawn to show reflections. This always suggests a 'satin-like' material even when it is not. The perceived use of satin is an excellent marketing ploy.

Feather-light foundations so they say, however, their corsets could be pretty substantial.



From 1977, regard a few pages of their catalogue and note the decline in the quality of the catalogue, the artwork and the foundation garments themselves.

Apart from the frivolous girl wearing the basque, there is little here other than functional undergarments. One can clearly see that foundation garments are on the way out. Note the euphemisms applied to the girdle (highline 152). Although the page is titled 'Zip Belts', they do at least call a girdle a girdle, however, bones are not mentioned, they have become non-roll stiffeners.