The Dominion Corset Company of Canada



The Dominion Corset Company was formed in 1886 by Georges Amyot (1856-1930) and Edmond Dyonnet (1859-1954).  Amyot was a high-profile businessman and politician; he was also President of the Banque Nationale du Canada.  Dyonnet was a famous artist and teacher; and Secretary of the Canadian Royal Academy of Arts.  Dominion Corset became a listed company and was much later bought out by the notable entrepreneur Hermann Gruenwald in 1976.  For some years Daisy Fresh made nightwear and sportswear.  It became a private company in 1987 and seems no longer to be listed as an operating company.


 The Dominion Corset Company of Quebec gave rise to many famous names in corsetry, notably 'Daisy Fresh' and 'NuBack' the former lasting for nearly three decades. As can be seen from the real article below, their 1960's girdles were absolute classics of the era and well capable of standing up unsupported. Look at the size of this beauty; 26 inches around the waist. Women were smaller then and girls wore girdles in their teenage years. Of course, even 26 inches may have been a bit small for general sale, hence its appearance decades later at auction.