Lyn Locke*

and Garters & Lace

in memory of Lyn and her partner Mike;

together they re-introduced girdles to the world.



Pictures reproduced with the permission of Lyn Locke

Lyn and Cathie Jung illustrate elegance in their own unique fashion


In the late 1990's, when the internet was becoming available to the masses, there appeared a few key web-sites that would re-introduce girdles and corsets to the world. There was Virginian's 'Girdle Zone', Thomas Lierse's 'Long Island Staylace Association' and Lyn Locke's own web-site. They informed many readers that their love of traditional foundation garments was shared by many. These sites certainly inspired my husband and I in 2002 to put together our own web-site based on our knowledge of the Spirella Company. The site has grown without any real plan but from it emerged the persona of 'Ivy Leaf', a name taken from the Spirella in-house Ivy Leaf Club of corsetières. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Lyn and Mike for their inspiration. Sadly, on 31st August 2010, after having run so many 'Garters & Lace' conventions (1998 - 2006 ?) and edited so many 'Powernet' newsletters, Mike passed away and Lyn fell off the radar as she said she would, however, we do have her permission to include a few pictures to remind ourselves of a glorious period in the resurrection of the girdle. Lyn was the greatest girdle model ever.


* To our dismay, Lyn Locke passed away in July 2018. That was not her real name of course but a pseudonym since she lived two very different lives.

There are many more pictures of Lyn available for which she never gave her explicit permission for us to use, however, now that both Lyn and Michael have moved on, we have decided to share some pictures of those times that made them both so happy.

The link to this page is hidden, there are several hidden links on the whole site, but Mike's love of the Otherside and Satin should lead you there.