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Maternity Underwear




George very kindly asked us to review a huge amount of illustrated text that he had compiled over the years. We found his approach different and very interesting. We offered to host his work on our site which he kindly accepted. George is an engineer, as will be apparent as you read his work. If his interest in corsetry was purely technical, however, George like ourselves would never have been able to generate the self-motivation to compile so much data. He freely admits to the fascination that the well-corseted women exerts on the male. My husband is exactly the same, and I am very grateful for it, otherwise we would never have compiled this entire site.


George's style and conclusions are his own. We have refrained from editing the text, other than to change some fonts to blend in with the site. Since his work contains so many examples of interest, we will insert hyperlinks to and from George's pages as the Ivy Leaf site progresses. 


A word of warning: For those of you that are offended by references to to a woman's nether regions, even for technical reasons, please be aware that the section on Design concentrates on this area.