Dusty Springfield and her Petticoats

Mary O'Brien OBE  (1939 - 1999)

Dusty Springfield's costumes span that critical period of the 1960s, when girls who, hitherto, had been younger versions of their mothers changed into something very, very different. It was one of the greatest social upheavals of our time. When Dusty sang with firstly the Lana Sisters (1958 - 1960), and then the Springfields (1960 - 1963), her costumes were very 1950s with long-sleeved blouses and hugely petticoated skirts.



After 1963, when she went solo, her costumes became more 'hippyesque' as she embraced the new found freedom of the 'Swinging Sixties'. Mind you, despite the 'bra burning' of the mid-1960s, Dusty kept her bouffant hairstyle often supplemented by extravagant hairpieces and wigs and more or less, she kept herself very decently covered, a relic of her strong Catholic upbringing.

Another petticoated diva of the 1950s and 60s was Alma Cogan (1932 - 1966) died at the tragically young age of 34.