Modern Italian Foundation Garments


Nuova Clara

This company no longer exists under this name, however,


Clara Intimo

seems to be its reincarnation


I have actually purchased garments from Nuovo Clara  (2008) and it is so refreshing to see that proper corsetry is still available. - Ivy


Garments from Nuovo Clara, Italy




Below are some other Italian sites that specialises in traditional girdles.







Venus Corsetteria






Iber Corsetteria







The Italians still have a good supply of traditional girdle manufacturers other than those shown above:




The Italians certainly know how to make a stylish statement.




       Linea Vera

The girdle in the middle above is particularly impressive.











There are some proper panty-girdles here with nylon panels front and back.



Rita Intimity


"It was curious that girls who appeared to us all as fearless Dianas, even Amazons, should have crushed themselves into such constricting garments" Doreen Caldwell 1981

Even in 2017, our fearless Italian Amazons are donning their armour although, as in most advertising, the models may be somewhat younger than the target group!


So pleased to see that the boned and zippered panty-girdle lives on (2021). The Luropas web-site has a downloadable catalogue.