The Other Side of Corsetry


When my husband and I started to construct this web site, we decided to leave this potentially awkward area well alone. Nevertheless, so many questions from genuinely interested parties have touched upon these subjects and have brought some very interesting information to our attention. The fascination for female underwear is almost always a male pre-occupation, but without male observations, much of the history that we have tried to compile would be lost forever. The subjects of concern are the restrictive aspects of corsets and girdles, the allure of certain fabrics commonly used in corsetry and worn frequently by women, and the fascination of the adolescent male for such forbidden topics. I certainly do not condone voyeurism, however, it is a phase, sometimes transient, sometimes permanent, nearly always harmless, that many men experience and the knowledge gained from those wandering and untutored eyes at least can be put to good use.


We are well aware that of all the subjects that we have tried to cover in this web-site, this particular theme attracts more than its share of unsubstantiated accounts and blatant wish-fulfilment. We have tried to be discriminating in our editing of the accounts contained therein. Some are obviously genuine but for some, the provenance remains dubious. We leave it to the reader to decide.


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