Spencer in the USA in 1951



Whatever your shape, whatever your problem (and the marketing department were champions at persuading you that you DID have a problem), in the right Spencer, you could and would look like the models on the right. 50's chic at its best.

Panel front zipper girdle; Spencerband; Front-lacing corset; Spencerall and Spensupport

The names of these foundations show that the marketing department had some off days, however, the Spencerall, latterly the Spenall lasted for several decades.

The belt deluxe; Supporting corset closed and open; Sacroiliac corset and Spencerform

Largely unchanged for decades these styles would last until the 1960's when, reluctantly changing with the times, Spencer would move on and postpone the early demise that finished Spirella.


Surgical Corsets

I might be flippant above, but Spencer's garments brought relief and posture to millions of women. There is a fine line between wearing a foundation for support and posture, and wearing it because you need support. In the most extreme cases, Spencers were designed to correct serious surgical conditions, however, knowing a woman's predilection for hyprochondria, simple postural problems could be made to sound very medical and corsets of more complexity than was really essential could be sold to gullible clients. Regard the examples below.

First let us consider the extrapolation of the designs above to help with that old favourite, the bad back:-


Spinal support                                                                                                     Spencerform                                    Lumbocacral                                      Sacroiliac Corsets


Now to take care of the abdomen:-



Belt                                                              Abdominal Support                                               Posture Corset


Of course, pregnancy will inevitably feature in one's life:-



Maternity                                                             Primagravida                                                        Multigravida


Maternity opened up a whole new challenge for the corset engineers in that the subjects breasts and abdomen would change constantly. I have seen one such outfit made by Camp that had no less that six adjustable lacers!


Now, although some of the conditions below look rather serious, the descriptions in the brochure suggest that poor posture alone was responsible and that Spencer had a corset to fix the posture carefully couched in medical jargon.


Lordosis                                                                                 Lordosis                                                                                Fatigue                                                                               Weak Abdomen


Visceroptosis                                                                 Nephroptosis


Whether you had big breasts or small breasts, Spencer was there to fix the 'problem'.