The History of Triumph International

The famous Triumph 'Doreen'


Triumph holds a special place in the history of European, particularly German, corsetry. Successful for decades, its range varied from the most elegant guipures, to that formidable back-laced corselette, the 'Brilliant K',  beloved of the Bavarian Haus-frau. 

That they are still highly successful is a tribute to their response to market needs whilst maintaining tradition. In my opinion they made one of the world's best brassieres, the 'Triumph Doreen' (left)

The 'Doreen' firm-control pantie-girdle. Together with the bra,  thousands of German women in the 1970's wore 'Doreens'.

The 'Doreen' brassiere is still sold today in its traditional short, long and cuff-length versions, and, despite my affection for the made-to-measure products from Spirella, I have to admit that the Doreen is my favourite brassiere.


Perhaps I have dwelt too much on the heavier aspect of mature German womanhood. There were (and are) some stunning German women of all ages, as the following pictures from the history of Triumph show. The 1960's in Germany is beautifully illustrated by these young German models who show Triumph's guipures and brassieres to their best advantage.

A stunning Triumph corselette from 1964


Triumph, apart from producing some excellent and elegant advertisements and brochures, also ran a series of television commercials showing some of their earlier girdles.


The model on the left may appear to resent the close inspection of Herr Doktor Triumph and Irma Bunt, however, there is no doubting that the end product is very successful and elegant. ("What a wonderful job to have" my husband added. "You'd get bored with it" I retorted, but he had that dangerous male look in his eye!)


The History of Triumph International


Note a small entry in 1969, when Triumph acquires the House of Jenyns.