Astronomy and Corsetry


We have written elsewhere about Ethel Granger (1905 - 1982), the woman with the world's smallest waist. It may not be widely known that her husband, apart from his obvious interests, was passionate about astronomy. It happens that my husband's passion is also astronomy and whilst planning for a serious astronomical calendar for next year, he quickly produced a somewhat whimsical calendar for 2018. It combines some stunning A4 astronomical images with our standard calendar format and an image each month of one of our models. The models are fully clothed but in poses used over the years in our calendars. Examples are shown below (please click on the images for a larger scale). The printer ran off a few copies just to see what the quality would be like and we would like to offer these few for sale. As always, the monies received will be given to charity. We have donated two calendars to the generous readers who donated money this year but that leaves us two to sell for the same prices as above (10 + 2 post & packing = 12.00 to the UK; Euros 11.5 + 5 = Euros 16.50 to Europe and US$ 13 + 8 = US$ 21.00 to the USA and Australia.)



Talking of small waists, we still have a few 2017 calendars, 'Cathie and the Corset Lady' for sale.