I have tried to describe Figesta's products dispassionately, however, their sheer quality is quite outstanding, and it is good to know that such manufacturers are still out there. Apart from displaying their wares in, what I hope is a tasteful fashion, Figesta's product line and choice of models echo sentiments that I have mentioned repeatedly throughout this whole web site


As the bespoke foundation garment industry ground to a halt towards the end of the 1980's, the surviving garments were dominated by brassieres, with panty-girdles (or shapers) as a second-thought. It was, surprisingly, the corset and corselette that persisted, and kept companies like Spencer alive to this day. The girdle died a death and has never re-emerged. Figesta's products reveal just that. In an age where varicose veins are removed as a matter of course, nobody needs a girdle to hold up support stockings any more.


Two models are evident in the pictures above. With due apologies to the very pretty younger model, it is Figesta's main model (top page on the right) who surely ranks as one of the classics in this century-old tradition of displaying the company's wares. Sufficiently mature* to display the garments realistically, this lady is imbued with such a charming expression, that I'm sure Figesta's sales have benefited as a result. I'm also sure that the vast majority of women that wear such garments are very much older than this model, nevertheless, she has a demeanour better suited to corsetry modelling than the sultry beauty (bottom right) who honestly would be better off in a fashion magazine. Possibly Figesta wished to advertise that black material was available, but black photographs poorly, and the incongruity of the model clashes with the verisimilitude that the other model projects.


*When we say mature here, we mean in attitude, not age. The lady in the pictures is far younger than you think!