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We wish all our Readers a Happy New Year



January 2018


As soon as the printers go back to work, we will submit the 2018 calendar for printing. We will hold the cost at 10 plus post & packing this year since there were no other associated production costs. Already we have three of our regular models and two newcomers keen to participate in the 2019 calendar, but more news of that will come later in the year.


How are the Mighty Fallen...


We do not often quote from the Second Book of Samuel, however, auction pictures of a Namsie girdle caught our attention (right). This limp, flaccid apology for a girdle was really nothing more than a support for one's stockings. I well remember the industrial strength Namsies of the 1960s. The modern version has a plain elastic back and quite a pretty, but token nylon panel at the front. In the old days, the zipper was made of metal, the elastic of heavy-duty woven rubber and it had enough bones in it to stand up for itself. 'Fully Guaranteed' indeed (below).



Meanwhile on the subject of industrial matters, what it is about the advertising industry and building sites that they find so appropriate to market foundation garments? The cartoonist, Maidenform and Gossard all had this peculiar association between girders and girdles.






The 2018 Calendar is ready


The printers excelled themselves and turned the calendar around in 24 hours.

It will cost 10 + 2 post & packing = 12.00 to the UK; Euros 11.5 + 5 = Euros 16.50 to Europe and US$ 13 + 8 = US$ 21.00 to the USA and Australia. We have a list of interested parties and have sent out Paypal invoices. I should add that the faces that are blurred in the previews (right) will be in full focus on the calendar.



We would like to thank those of you who have bought the 2018 calendar. The response has been excellent and we covered our production costs within 48 hours of receiving the calendars from the printers. Well done; any profit now accrued will be donated to charity.

Today I will be meeting with the group of friends that are enthusiastic about making another calendar. In order to get it printed well before the end of the year, we will probably have the photo shoot in the summer. This has the advantages of warmth and copious natural lighting. Whilst the ladies love dressing up and trying on the vintage foundation garments, the fastenings and suspenders (garters in the US) always take them by surprise. My husband is often frustrated at the delay between photo sessions and sometimes equally embarrassed to be called in to help one of the models to close a hook-and-eye. Another moan that they have is "Why, oh why, did they put in back suspenders that you have to sit on?"

The 2018 calendar has sold out!

Thanks for your excellent support and let's look forward to the 2019 edition which will feature the classic house location, some familiar models and some new recruits.


Meanwhile, we are always delighted to discover new facts about an aspect of corsetry that we thought we knew so well. We came across an advertisement for St. Michael brand girdles marketed by Marks & Spencer from 1932. This is two decades earlier than I had supposed.



March 2018


We attended a local lecture last week regarding that famous author, Jane Austen. Sitting in front of us was an acquaintance, a well-built but wealthy and habitually, a very well-dressed lady. After the interval, during which most of us had repaired to the bar for a glass of wine, our friend sat down in front of us and revealed no less than six inches of her back-side from the waistband of her trousers, that had dropped to seat level, to the hem of her jacket. (This is known colloquially as 'Builder's Bum' or 'A Dagenham Smile'). Modern trousers are often cut short in the waist and our friend had presumably purchased trousers designed for a younger and lighter woman. Both pallid, quivering buttocks were clearly visible and quite disturbed my husband's concentration as he attempted to look anywhere except at our friend's behind. There was not a sign of underwear, let alone the powerful elastic that might be expected of such a woman. Your foundations should shape your body and your clothes should fit that shape.









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