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We wish all our Readers a Happy New Year




January 2020

This calendar was produced to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Spirella in Letchworth, UK.

So what is with 1963 and 1964?

1963 has the same calendar as 2013, the cover for the calendar of which is shown on the left. If you bought this calendar, you will remember that February even has the date 1963 on it.


1963 and 1964 were bang in the middle of the Golden Age of Girdles. What year has the same calendar as 1964? You guessed it, 2020. Happy New Year!


Roger K has reminded us of some delightful, politically incorrect advertisements from Warners in the 1960s.


February 2020

We must apologise for the lack of updates recently, however, like so many of our retired peers, we chose to travel to warmer climes during the British winter but we have now returned to England and look forward to the ever lengthening evenings.


Roger K kindly sent us some pictures that we had not seen before, one of which is displayed on the right (click for full resolution). What is going on here? What are the implications of that picture?



Meanwhile, A lady from New Zealand has sent us some pictures to rectify our neglect (so far) of New Zealand corsetry.





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