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We wish all our Readers a Happy New Year




January 2020

This calendar was produced to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Spirella in Letchworth, UK.

So what is with 1963 and 1964?

1963 has the same calendar as 2013, the cover for the calendar of which is shown on the left. If you bought this calendar, you will remember that February even has the date 1963 on it.


1963 and 1964 were bang in the middle of the Golden Age of Girdles. What year has the same calendar as 1964? You guessed it, 2020. Happy New Year!


Roger K has reminded us of some delightful, politically incorrect advertisements from Warners in the 1960s.



February 2020

We must apologise for the lack of updates recently, however, like so many of our retired peers, we chose to travel to warmer climes during the British winter but we have now returned to England and look forward to the ever lengthening evenings.


Roger K kindly sent us some pictures that we had not seen before, one of which is displayed on the right (click for full resolution). What is going on here? What are the implications of that picture?


Meanwhile, A lady from New Zealand has sent us some pictures to rectify our neglect (so far) of New Zealand corsetry.


It never rains but it pours and we came across some classic Italian corsetry from Bern. The Italians certainly knew how to incorporate colour, fabric and (over-)engineering into their products.


We happened across a couple of advertisements for the famous Formfit Skippies panty-girdle. It shows quite clearly on the left, a slim young woman wearing the said garment and in the text, there's the usual guff about what it can do for you. In the middle is a similar advertisement, however, because it is drawn, the draftsman has taken considerable licence to extend the length of the garment. This always makes the garment look better. Just how many ebay adverts have a wide girdle placed on a slim mannequin with all the spare material clipped round the back out of sight? We all look better with a bit of vertical exaggeration! My husband then tried to fit the real model onto the cartoon and he discovered (I could have told him this anyway) that the top half of the model fits the cartoon almost one-for-one, however, below the bust line, the girdle has to be lengthened considerably and thinned down in the thighs. That's advertising for you.




March 2020

We do plan to offer some more of the collection for sale, however, this requires quite some delving through hundreds of garments and books and, as with all collections, once you start rummaging, inevitably you come upon an item and you think "Oh dear, I can't sell that!"

Meanwhile. we have come across some pictures of the Abdominal Dr. Wales's corset from the 1960s.


We received this request from a reader:


"Is there anyone out there in any country that can do real restorations on real classic girdles? 

I'm asking about bringing them back to factory specification like so many other antiques in the world today.

There would be some re-weaving involved and that would seem a likely niche market for a small loom."


In one of those bizarre quirks of fate, an avid collector sent us a photograph of a French girdle from the 1970s (inevitably featuring blue satin). The quirk was that we had an identical girdle out from our collection. The manufacturer was the JIP company.


We recently became aware of the amazing actress/artist, New Yorker, Suzanne Heintz. Watch this video for yourselves.


Meanwhile, there have been several updates to the more obscure parts of the web-site, one of which refers to Rose Byrne's Spanx that she wore to the Met Gala in 2016. The girdle (let's not beat about the bush here) that she shows off to presenter Laura Brown in an episode of 'Dirty Laundry' is un-boned and un-zippered, however, as a token nod to the panty-girdles of the 1960s, there is detailing reminiscent of the satin panels that used to be such a glorious feature of these garments. One can only encourage this progress.


We hope that everybody is keeping well during these challenging times. Britain is effectively in lock-down apart from essential excursions for food and one period of exercise alone or with one other household member. On the positive side, I have made a list of 'things to do' for my husband on which I forgot to add "Please update the web-site regularly".


April 2020





5th April 2020: 

RIP  Honor Blackman  (1925 - 2020)

It is always sad to relate the passing of another 1960s icon, Honor Blackman.


She became famous for her role as Dr. Cathy Gale in the Avengers (1962 - 1964). She left that very successful series to play the character of Pussy Galore in the film Goldfinger (1964). Both characters were intelligent, stylish women who were tough and quite capable of looking after themselves, quite a novelty at that time.


In the 1960s, her leather outfits in the Avengers caused quite a stir not usually being seen outside the fetish world. Her leather boots even became the topic of a song 'Kinky Boots'. The outfit enabled Dr. Gale freedom of movement to use her martial arts techniques (another novelty for a woman in the 1960s).


She was at the provocative vanguard of 1960s female emancipation.



Here's hoping that all our readers can enjoy a Happy Easter in these challenging times. Meanwhile, here is a link to Gloria Swanson's description of how she invented the panty-girdle.


Lady Duff-Gordon


Lucy Christiana, Lady Duff-Gordon (1863 1935) was a British fashion designer who specialised in lingerie and corsets. She worked under the professional name Lucile. I mention her today since she and her husband survived the sinking of the Titanic 108 years ago this day the 15th April 1912.


We have removed Ivy's Shop. It caused more trouble than it was worth and items for sale are now listed on ebay.


Annie Edson Taylor  (24.10.1838 - 29.04.21)


99 years ago today, the remarkable Annie Edson Taylor passed away. On 24th October 1901, she became the first person ever to survive plunging over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Widowed when she was young, she made this desperate attempt to achieve fame and fortune to secure her old age, however, she achieved fame but not the fortune she had expected. The plunge was not a pleasant experience although she survived with only minor injuries. "If it was with my dying breath, I would caution anyone against attempting the feat ... I would sooner walk up to the mouth of a cannon, knowing it was going to blow me to pieces than make another trip over the Fall." 


She performed the feat on her 63rd birthday. In those days, 63 was ancient and she was a woman as well. She claimed to be younger at the time otherwise nobody would have helped her in this near-suicidal venture. Certainly, she sports the figure of a much younger woman (left) due no doubt to the mandatory corsets that she would wear. It appears that after the plunge (right) she emerges sans corsets. There are numerous historical accounts of sturdy corsets saving their wearer from injury.

Whatever, well done Annie Taylor who lived to the grand old age of 83 although she attributed her declining health in her final years to the plunge over the falls.


Other news: Kim Kardashian seems to have jumped on the shapewear bandwagon and, although we have related elsewhere that Marilyn Monroe never wore a girdle, perhaps we were wrong.



8th May 2020



I wonder what foundation garment our rather classy first officer Wren might chose? Have a guess for, as it happens, we know the answer.




Girdle Futures


In these strange times, it is hard to invest any money that one might have to produce a decent return. The banks are awash with government funds and do not want your money. The housing market is dead and stocks have fallen through the floor. However, if you were fortunate enough to purchase a Loveable panty-girdle for $8.00 in 1965, you might expect to receive $125 on Ebay today (at least that's what the advertiser would like and there's plenty of evidence to suggest that $125 is what she will get). My husband informs me that represents an annual return of 5.1%. Not bad!



Mind you, there's a bit of a revival of interest in the humble American panty-girdle at the moment that is not reflected in the value of some unused CAMP corsets that we have just put onto Ebay.


We are developing a new page called Multiple Lacings that attempts to explain why some corsets had two, three and even four lacers to adjust.


Mid-Summer's Day


"The days are getting shorter once again" shout the lovers of winter, the astronomers and the skiers. I do not like winter or even its approach but we have several months of summer to enjoy yet to go yet. We hope that the pubs and restaurants might be allowed to open for a bit of the socialising that we so badly miss. My husband is a keen astronomer, however, he keeps his delight at the shortening of the evenings (that he assures me starts on 24th June) to himself. We have updated a few pages and were delighted to receive an email from Sarah who wrote about her 'Ghost of Spirella' corset making 14 years ago!


"There's nothing new under the Sun" (taken from Ecclesiastes 1:9).

Whilst performing a regular maintenance of the web-site, my husband connected two pictures: There's the quintessentially British seaside postcard from the 1950s and a still from the series 'My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' (2015 -). Sixty years apart and you still need help to get into that girdle.


It's half-way through 2020 but not halfway through the current crisis I fear. We found some nice modelling photographs in the curiosities sections to cheer you all up.


August 2020


We have been rather quiet of late; apologies for that but my husband who does all the web-site compilation has been rather ill. He is now recovering well.

Thank you all  so very much for your kind wishes.


We came across an item recently that by modern standards almost defies belief. The Beautis Girdle Anchor.

There are many reasons to wear a girdle: support, figure-control and last, but by no means least, to hold up one's stockings. This was in the days before tights (panty-hose). The reverse of the situation was that without stockings, parhaps on a very hot day, the girdle woud have a tendency to 'ride up', that is to follow the diminishing contour of the female form from the hips to the waist. To prevent this you could buy these heavy duty stocking tops and use them to anchor your girdle to your thighs. The modern solution would be to throw away your girdle, but we all wore girdles then!



11th August 2020:  Happy 18th Birthday Ivy Leaf


Eighteen years ago, my husband and I started to assemble the Ivy Leaf web-site and we are still at it. Can we get to 20 years? Who knows, the world is not the place it was half a year ago but we live in hope.


Just in case you didn't get it "Women to whom maths is plain are plain; I think not!"



September 2020


Things are gradually beginning to return to some semblance of normality here in England, however, I think it will be a long time before we can travel internationally once more. Sadly, one of our good friends has just been made redundant from a national airline whose name I will not mention. This reminded me of some articles that I wrote years ago about the perils of flying whilst wearing corsets. I have reproduced a few of these items below:


Its common for airline passengers to kick off their shoes at the start of the flight only to find that their feet have swollen by the end and the shoes dont fit. This is simply fluid migration and nothing to do with pressure, however, it was recounted years ago in a ladys' magazine that the fear of pressure caused one old biddy, unused to flying, enquiring of her travel agency whether the pressurisation would cause her arms and head to swell up after take-off since the rest of her body was confined by surgical stockings, corset and long-line bra! My mother even related (unconnected with flying) that one of her friends wore not just a tight girdle, a long-line bra and surgical stockings, but arm stockings as well to prevent fluid migration to her wrists. At least, if she ever flew, she would be well protected against deep vein thrombosis. This reminds me of a comment from Ian McRoberts "Her assets spectacularly moulded by layers of elastic. Indeed, the woman in elastic is a formidable sight and not for the faint of heart."


Our stewardess friend came up with an interesting episode that she heard about on a flight to Vienna in the early 1980s. Apparently one of the cabin crew noticed that an elderly woman seemed to be rather uncomfortable and was wriggling around in her seat. Offers to help seemed only to generate confusion. At last it seemed that the lady had settled down to some agitated activity under her rug. Discretely observing the lady in case a doctor needed to be summoned, the stewardess realised that she had undone the bottom buttons on her blouse and was trying to unlace her corsets! This Houdini-like activity persisted for five minutes after which the old lady relaxed with some degree of contentment. Before landing the stewardess asked the lady if she was feeling better. Oh Yes she was assured Im afraid I suffer from wind and I had to loosen off a bit!


Our Dutch stewardess friend, who has been in the business for 30 years now has never worn a girdle, nor does she need to, having an enviable figure for a woman in her late-50s. She added an interesting point last time we discussed this matter, and remarked that more stewardesses probably wear a shaper (girdle) today than at any time in the last two decades!


Of course, passing through the airport scanner while wearing steel boned corsets is fraught with peril as our good friend Cathie Jung found out on her return to the USA at the end of 2016. A run in with American customs is the last thing you want after a long haul flight. I wonder when we'll be taking long haul flights again?



We were delighted to be contacted by a fashion expert who informed us that the French labelling on M&S girdles was largely due to the company's decision to market their products in Canada, not specifically France as we had incorrectly assumed. It is very worth while investigating this lady's web-site



Marjorie Rhodes  1897 - 1979

"Steel these things are .... supports me spine."

The scene is from the film Hell Drivers (1957) when Miss Rhodes would have been 60 years old. Miss Rhodes would have been well used to wearing corsets, however, the scene (above) has a number of peculiarities.

An appropriate coincidence is that Miss Rhodes was born as Millicent Wise that happens to be the name of a ladies shop in Stoke-on-Trent. In the late 1950s to the 1970s, they sold corsets at Millicent Wise.