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Rigby & Peller was founded in 1939 by Gita Peller, a Jewish refugee and corsetière who fled Hungary in the early 1930's, and Bertha Rigby, who gave Gita Peller a home when she initially arrived in Britain in 1936. The firm is famous for having a royal warrant and the Queen, Queen Mother and Princess Margaret (amongst other royals) were all fitted by the company. In 1982, June Kenton and her husband Harold bought Rigby & Keller, however, when Ms Kenton published her memoirs in a book called 'Storm in a D-Cup', the firm's royal warrant was removed in 2016. Although there were no revelations about the royal family in the book, some critical comments, I'm sure not intended to cause offence, did. It was a sad end to the 60-year career of the 82 year old Ms Kenton.


What a lovely corset, or is it a girdle? By my definition, it is a laced girdle, but whatever, it is a beautiful foundation. The little rosebuds at the top of the front suspenders say it all.

This is a laced-entry garment. No zips or hooks and eyes here. One unlaces to the fullest extent, pulls over the hips and then laces up (tight presumably). The matching brassiere is attached to the girdle by the buttons at the back. I wonder at how many diplomatic balls this girdle was worn?